What Are They Thinking About?

Clearly churches have their work cut out for them.

This is an eye-opening look at what Google thinks (knows!) people in my locality are asking.

It’s a window into their real worries and fears, not what they claim those fears to be. Both the Church and individual Christians need to be prepared to address their concerns with a Gospel that is still “relevant,” ┬áthe Gospel that makes you relevant, the Gospel of a Savior.


Thanks for not sharing!

Being mindful of my “public position” as a pastor, I want to say that what I’m about to share wasn’t prompted by my seeing a post from anyone in particular.

But, as Christian people who seek to refrain from offensive language (as is fitting for people of the Spirit) let’s be careful what we share with others on social media.

I’m detecting a little trend in which people who perhaps wouldn’t use bad language in real life are letting loose with gutter talk, second-hand, by sharing the crude speech of others.

If you know you shouldn’t use the “F-word,” why are you sharing with me a photo from a Facebook group called “I F****** Love Science?”

Something to think about. Let’s watch our tongues – even our online ones…