I still miss Leonard Ravenhill

A little Ravenhill is good for the soul. Our era is in need of people who care more about what Christ thinks than what the world thinks. Here’s a free Ravenhill quote:

"A popular evangelist reaches your emotions. A true prophet reaches your conscience."


J. C. Ryle on godly speech

I found this wonderful quote on the excellent J. C. Ryle Quotes site.

Let it be a settled principle again in our religion, that when a person’s general conversation is ungodly, their heart is graceless and unconverted.

Let us not give way to the vulgar notion, that no one can know anything of the state of another’s heart, and that although people are living wickedly, they have got good hearts at the bottom. Such notions are flatly contradictory to our Lord’s teaching.

Is the general tone of a person’s communication carnal, worldly, irreligious, godless, or profane? Then let us understand that this is the state of their heart.

When a person’s tongue is extensively wrong, it is absurd, no less than unscriptural, to say that their heart is right.

J.C. Ryle

Transparent Glass

“God would have his ministers be like transparent glass, which lets the rays of the sun pass through unchanged; and not like painted windows, which color all the rays after their own nature.” – Spurgeon