Should we care that Saudi women can vote?

I’m certainly glad that women will soon be able to vote in Saudi Arabia. Sadly, however, this may be the outer limits of what women will ever achieve in that nation.

The elephant in the room when one discusses Middle Eastern nations – with precious few exceptions – is Shari’a, the Islamic system of law which orders discrimination against women and all non-Muslims.

In Western nations, civil rights thinking has Judeo-Christian values at its base. Philosophically, the equality of human beings at law in the West was based on their equality before God and thus their equal value. You remember – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

This is not the case in nations under Shari’a, where a woman’s testimony is worth less than a man’s – solely on the grounds of her womanhood. Non-Muslims also face severe repression under Islamic law, solely on the grounds of being considered infidels by Muslims.

These facts are available to anyone caring to look.

My question is whether anyone does care.