Books That Shape Us


From time to time someone will mention a book to me and I find myself saying, “Oh! That’s in my Top Ten List!” So, I figured I would sit down and see if I really do have a Top Ten List. These are ten books that shaped me as a younger believer, or that shaped my thinking about ministry. None is academic; I think all are accessible. Here they are, in no particular order. There might just as easily have been twenty, I suppose.

1. Spiritual Authority, by Watchman Nee
2. God Meant It For Good, by R. T. Kendall
3. The Making Of A Man Of God, by Alan Redpath
4. The Prophetic Ministry, by Rick Joyner
5. Humility, by Andrew Murray
6. How To Be Born Again, by Billy Graham
7. The Holy Spirit And You, by Dennis & Rita Bennett (so helpful back in the day!)
8. Rees Howells, Intercessor, by Norman Grubb
9. Prayer Series, by E. M. Bounds
10. Power Healing, by John Wimber

What about you? Do you have a Top Five or a Top Ten you’d like to share?


What would you read if you had the time and money?


Now that the Fall has begun and school is in full swing for many, some of us are pining away for those lazy days of summer when we had more time to read for leisure.

What would you read if you had the time and maybe an extra $100 to spend on some Christian books?

Taking a look at Amazon’s list of Christian Best Sellers may give you a few ideas. Or maybe you’d rather read some Christian classics, or some heavy theology.

Leave us a comment and let us know — what would you read?

Photo credit: dinilima