Remember Every One Today

Remember every one today…

…those killed by box cutters or on first impact;

…those who thought they were going to get down those stairs and almost did;

…those who picked up a phone to say goodbye when they saw the flames come finally under their door;

…those who leaped into a bright, blue sky and won themselves back a few seconds of pure, clean air;

…heroes who ran — in, and not away.

Remember these, too:

…friends posting signs on walls after it made any sense;

…families who buried sacred containers, containers empty but quite filled with hopes;

…children, teens already, who all their lives will have to say they never really knew them;

…workers who had to breathe the Pile to clear it;

…battalions formed and sent to deliver the only kind of justice this world allows, many hundreds not returning.

Remember every one today.