Debbie Downer or Joy Unspeakable?


Which are you? Which should you be?

Some Christians take verbal swipes at other believers whom they consider too frivolous, urging them to be more sober. Others poke their fellow saints for being too serious and tell them to lighten up.

Consider that both kinds of “tweaks” can be soulish in their source. While we’re always called to have have the joy of the Lord in our hearts, there is a time to be measured, reflective, and serious. There is also a time to celebrate, rejoice and be “exceedingly glad.” The key is to know how the Holy Spirit is moving – how is He expressing His own powerful emotions at the moment?

There is an off-putting kind of spirituality which interrupts a meditative moment with a call to be light-hearted — and the opposite is of course true, when overly-serious saints stifle the praises of Zion. By following the Spirit we will reflect His own heart, as He mingles joy and sobriety without confusion or unseemly behavior.

It’s worth recalling that Peter begins his first Letter by telling us to be sober, while only a few verses before he had reminded the believers that their walk was characterized by “joy unspeakable and full of glory!”


Author: Nick

I’m a pastor, a writer, musician, and recovering lawyer. Blessed to serve the people of Harvest Time Church as Associate Pastor. In my spare time I enjoy losing to my wife in Words With Friends.

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