The Day Before The Devil Became The Devil

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit goes before a fall. (Prov. 16:18)

The day before the Devil became the Devil, he was not the Devil.

On the Morning of Rebellion, we can well imagine that holy angels were astounded, for only yesterday he had been the anointed cherub that covered, and perfect in his ways. But that day, iniquity was found in him and he became something else. He became something formed and impelled to action by a haughty spirit. And pride. Pride that wants and pushes. Pride that disregards, pride that gives no honor where honor is due.

Only One could see the growing seed. Was there a warning? A kindly admonition to be content with his lofty place? (We will probably never know, for when we arrive There we will be so consumed with that Face that we will no longer care. Such questions are for now.)

Regardless, a seed was watered, and he nursed his ridiculous grievance until Pride, the monster that makes monsters, blossomed and the angels saw Sin for the first time – ugly, petty, and ungrateful. In Heaven’s light its nature could not be hidden, and its originator must be evicted, his presence now to be tolerated only on occasion.

On that day, Satan became the Devil. But the day before he became the Devil, he was not the Devil at all. He was beautiful and awesome in his wisdom and ability. But nurturing his thoughts of self-promotion made him something terrible and new in those early days of Creation: a sinner.

May God keep us from the destruction and the fall that come from pride and a haughty spirit. Only by His Grace can we keep from becoming the thing that, only yesterday, we never thought we would.


Author: Nick

I’m a pastor, a writer, musician, and recovering lawyer. Blessed to serve the people of Harvest Time Church as Associate Pastor. In my spare time I enjoy losing to my wife in Words With Friends.

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