Is atheism an emotional crutch?

Some say Christianity is just a crutch. But let’s turn the question on its edge for a moment. Is atheism an emotional crutch, wishful thinking? The ax cuts both ways. Perhaps atheists are rejecting God because they’ve had a bad relationship with their father. Instead of inventing God, have atheists invented non-God? Have they invented atheism to escape some of the frightening implications of God’s existence? Think about it.

Great quote from Greg Koukl, and one which forces us to consider that much of what gives Christians pause in their dealings with atheism is the sheer effrontery and even bad behavior of the New Atheists. It’s helpful to realize that bluster and sass are not substance. Hooting and approving laughter doesn’t mean your verbal foe has said anything at all.



Moving on from prejudice against tongues?

It’s always fascinating to me when secular sources discuss the phenomenon of speaking in tongues – and even more fascinating when they seem sympathetic to it.

Stamford anthropology professor T. M. Luhrmann took a friendly stance last weekend in the New York Times, writing with even-handedness and humor. In a day when our fellow-saints are running “Strange Fire” conferences to straighten us out (and perhaps to lampoon us) I find this refreshing.

Dr. Luhrmann reminds us of a recent neurological study which hints that speaking in tongues is neither an “emptying of the mind” nor a rational prayer of the type we learned at our mother’s knee. This tallies strikingly with the Apostle Paul’s description of praying in tongues as an experience in which our spirit prays but our mind is “unfruitful.” (1 Cor. 14:14)

However, while we’re thankful any time a Cambridge Ph.D. lends her aid to Charismatics, we should always take our true encouragement from God Himself. Neither the skeptical commenters at the Times nor our more Fundamentalist brothers have caught the full import of the Spirit’s assurance through Peter that the promise is for all who are afar off, as many as God will call.

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Thanks for not sharing!

Being mindful of my “public position” as a pastor, I want to say that what I’m about to share wasn’t prompted by my seeing a post from anyone in particular.

But, as Christian people who seek to refrain from offensive language (as is fitting for people of the Spirit) let’s be careful what we share with others on social media.

I’m detecting a little trend in which people who perhaps wouldn’t use bad language in real life are letting loose with gutter talk, second-hand, by sharing the crude speech of others.

If you know you shouldn’t use the “F-word,” why are you sharing with me a photo from a Facebook group called “I F****** Love Science?”

Something to think about. Let’s watch our tongues – even our online ones…

Can the Horror Show of Abortion Open Eyes to the Truth?

One can only hope that the last vestiges of our national conscience can be stirred. But the prevailing media will allow but scant discussion of the issue – much less show you what abortion really is.

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