12 Reasons Why You Need to Start Learning the Word of God Yesterday

How important it is in these days to know the Word of God! Because of the lateness of the hour, it’s more vital for you to learn the Word now than it has ever been. Why is the Word so important?

  1. So we can learn about God.
  2. So we can learn about the salvation of God through Jesus Christ.
  3. So we can learn the will of God.
  4. So we can learn the ways of God.
  5. So we can be wise.
  6. So that we might not sin against God.
  7. So that we can be purified by the Word of God as it washes our soul.
  8. So we can renew our minds.
  9. So we can hear from God.
  10. So we can grow in faith.
  11. So we can learn the things that God has provided for us as an inheritance.
  12. So we can know the things which Jesus and His Apostles said were coming on the Earth, and not be deceived.

I don’t need to provide references for you because I think you already know that the Word was given to us for all these reasons and more. It’s time to return to His Word – read it, memorize it, and live it.