NPR Admits It Scrubbed Clip of Mara Liasson Separating ‘Educated Women’ and ‘Stay-at-Home Moms’

Two dynamics at work here. First, it is getting harder for progressives to disguise their dislike (even hatred) of any women who don’t fit into their template. They honestly do believe that stay-at-home moms are uneducated, backwards dolts who are being subjugated by Neanderthals. Perhaps more importantly, women like Ms. Liasson need to hold and promote such viewpoints in order to validate their own existence – a path which is a complete break with the 4,000 year stream of Western civilization. It’s no coincidence that the rise of the “career path” has tracked very neatly the fracturing of our society into two competing visions: a vindictive secularism, and a vindictive paganism. I’m not prepared to say it has caused this fracture, but it has certainly exacerbated it.

The other dynamic is the possibility that the entire edifice of the Left may soon shatter in America because of the Roe Effect. As simply as we can put it, the Roe Effect postulates that the power of those promoting abortion and anti-traditionalist feminism will eventually implode in favor of the more conservative members of population… because those who promote abortion don’t have enough babies to create another generation who hold their philosophy.

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