Adolph Saphir on our days

“Our modern civilisation, it is true, fancies that men can be good without God. This is a sign of the latter days. This is a sign that the chariot-wheels of judgment are coming near to us, that the mystery of ungodliness is developing with appalling rapidity.

“God is the Source of all light and love. The knowledge of God is the source of all truth, purity, and righteousness. They that make idols are like unto them. To sever morality from the root, the knowledge and fear of God—to assert the independence of the river of love and mercy toward man from the Fountain-head, the love of God, is an indication of a deep estrangement from God, an enmity of the mind against the Lord, deification of self.

“The nearer we approach the end, the more universal and the more sublimated will heathenism become as the great anti-Christian enemy. It seems as if so-called Christian nations, heathen nations, and unbelieving Jews will yet unite against the Lord and His Anointed.”

From Christ and the Church, 1884




Author: Nick

I’m a pastor, a writer, musician, and recovering lawyer. Blessed to serve the people of Harvest Time Church as Associate Pastor. In my spare time I enjoy losing to my wife in Words With Friends.

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